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We provide duct testing, air balancing, Energy Star Benchmark and other services to improve indoor comfort, save money and energy. We also provide specialty air leak detection services and and air flow analysis in commercial spaces and ducting systems.


HERS duct testing for excessive leakage may be required for systems serving up to 5,000 square feet when installing new heating or air conditioning equipment or installing new ducting which is located above and outside of the building’s insulation layer.


When installing new HVAC equipment in a commercial kitchen, building code requires that you provide an Air Test and Balance Report to ensure there is proper make-up air entering the kitchen and adequate air is being exhausted from the cooking area. Inadequate airflow can lead to an excessive build up of fumes and  could even lead to a grease fire. We  provide outside-air tests and air balancing for kitchens and all commercial systems up to 20 tons.




Buying or selling a property? Want to add a solar photo voltaic system to your property? Want to get a handle on your energy and water use? Do you need an Energy Star Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) report? Give us a call to discuss your project in greater detail. We can set you up with an Energy Star Benchmark portfolio and help you keep track of your energy consumption.  We provide comprehensive analysis and guide you through the process of benchmarking your property.


What is benchmarking? Benchmarking is the process of comparing your building’s energy performance to others that are similar in size and function. Benchmarking helps you compare your energy use year over year and for you to compare it to other like buildings around the country.





If a building official asked you to get a "HERS" report or certificate for a Lighting or Mechanical control system, please click and scroll about half way down the page to "Acceptance Test Certification Providers." There you will find a list of certified providers (organizations, like CalCERTS) who have, in turn certified companies and field  testers who can help you. HERSRaterLA is not currently certified to perform any acceptance testing for lighting or mechanical control systems.